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Code Talk by Russell Reeves

Code Talk by Russell Reeves

Most contractors have experienced a code change cycle at some point during their career. Code cycle occurs and “the way we’ve done it for 30 years” is no longer acceptable. So, contractors adapt to the new code only to experience a code change again 3 years later. Sometimes code changes back to the way it was in the prior cycle. Subsequently and effective in June 2013 the NC General Assembly approved a bill that would allow a 6 year cycle, drastically slashing the number of cycles during the average 30 year career by half. Excited about that? Before you celebrate, take time to review the 200+ pages of amendments to the current 2012 NC codes. Electricians aren’t so fortunate, the 2014 Electrical code became effective April 1, 2016 and is still on a 3 year cycle.

P.S. Look at the lumber span charts, apparently yellow pine isn’t what it used to be.

Russell Reeves
Building Inspector
Johnston County, NC
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