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The Business of Construction by Ashley Lee

The Business of Construction by Ashley Lee

The challenges, but more importantly, the opportunities, and how we can work to strengthen our local construction sector.  Since the Johnston County Building Industry Association (JCBIA) is filled with our construction industry’s finest, I thought a construction analogy would be fitting.
All projects begin with a blueprint.  For the Construction Industry, our blueprints are our Strategies.  It begins with planning and details, all of which make a difference in the end result.  The JCBIA is working to build our economy at the grassroots level to foster an environment of entrepreneurship and improving supports to the Construction businesses.

The JCBIA encourages local businesses to be involved in our community by donation of time or money to schools, local sports, nonprofit organizations, maybe speak at a school for career day, or just take time to mentor a young person. Through this Strategy, we will increase workforce training and education as well as promote awareness of employment opportunities.

Next, we lay the foundation.  We are establishing a foundation for our County. This groundwork will allow us to grow and stimulate the economy by being better positioned for major projects.  We are taking on the role as the architects, planners and investment advisers of our County’s economy.  Johnston County’s Economic Forecast is also an important base to build upon as we make plans for our future.  The forecast gives a favorable outlook indicating that the area’s population, labor force and employment rates are all expected to grow, which bodes well for our residents and businesses.

Our last step is to build the structure.  We want our developments to be strong and long lasting.  We want to create opportunities to keep people here – working, living and raising their families. We as members of the JCBIA should consider it an honor to invest in our community, our schools, and our local businesses to ensure a future of growth or our Johnston County.

It is all of you, our local construction industry, that will be called upon to invest in our communities and schools. The indirect benefits are far-reaching. Increased business and revenue will be generated for electricians, plumbers, and carpenters, general contractors, etc. As our community grows and as we invest to keep people attracted to our area we will all see a continued growth.
Working together, we will continue to build and invest in Johnston County’s construction industry and our community. We will draw the blueprint, lay the foundation, and finally, build a structure that will be durable and long-lasting for years and generations to come.

Ashley Lee
A.C. Lee Construction
JCBIA 1st Vice President

Effective October 1st! by Bill Clarke
JCBIA 2015 Scholarship Recipient

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