For many JCBIA Associate members, visibility and networking are keys to a successful business. Joining a community such as JCBIA opens the doors to make those connections and increases business opportunities that service and trade professionals would otherwise not have, especially when working with home builders.

 Associate members are involved in a wide range of support industries and professions including, trade contractors, manufacturers, retailers/distrubutors, designers and architects and are a vital component of the association!


Reason 1: Be A Part of a Larger Mission

NAHB comprises more than 140,000 members who work hard every day to make the home building industry the best that it can be. This community allows you to be a part of that mission and have your voice heard on issues that matter most. A unified voice has a far greater impact than an individual. The beauty of the 3-in-1 membership is the ability for state and local associations to tap into NAHB’s knowledge and assets.

Reason 2: Shine a Spotlight on Your Business

You are your biggest promoter. With JCBIA, there are many ways to bring recognition to your business through the people you meet and the events you attend. Many members credit their membership and involvement to expanding their business connections. Getting others to know your name, what you do and what you can offer them, is only going to help your business grow.

Reason 3: Gain Personal Relationships Lead That to Professional Ones

Being an Associate member exposes you to different people from not only your own field, but others from the home building community. Joining the Federation not only benefits you professionally, but personally.